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Alloy wheel welding

Eddy’s Wheel Repair company is based in the Harlow area, a leader in local alloy wheel refurbishment services. State-of-art technologies let us fix any provided issue with competitive prices.

Our skilled professionals can evaluate your alloy wheel for splits, stress fractures, kerb damage, or other defects. Eddy's Wheel Repair can potentially repair large chunks missing from your alloy wheel. The method used is reliable and effective and can return damaged wheels to a stable state to be successfully balanced. It's all a part of Eddy's Wheel Repair service.


We will clean each side of the splintering or crack, eliminating any unnecessary material to perfect the weld. The next step is to weld both sides of the alloy wheel. Once the weld is complete on both surfaces, it's as firm as a brand new wheel. Finally, we even out the bumps, so it doesn't damage or scratch your tyres. Welding minor cracks aren't hard, and it still retains the strength and integrity of the wheel. After repairing the damage, we will refurbish the wheels to a new beginning. With a powder coating service, you will not even see there was any damage to start. We are going to quote accordingly before any work begins.


Most of the time, cracks are only noticed when a slow puncture is found on your MOT inspection. However, it's good practice to test your tyre pressure regularly, so if you see the air going down quicker than usual, it's a decent indicator that you may have a hairline crack that is not visible. Call us now at Eddy's Wheel Repair, and we can inspect it for you.