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Diamond Cut

Diamond Cut alloy wheels

With our Diamond cutting lathe, we will renew your diamond cut alloy wheels to a factory finish. We do all diamond cutting ourselves, which means no third-party involvement & a lower trade price for our customers.

Diamond cut adds luxury and appeal to the looks of a new vehicle. However, many owners are unaware that this service is more challenging to produce.


At the first step, a powder coating is applied and cured in a heated oven. Once cured, we then probe the face of the wheel to map it out on the pc. This mapping allows the lathe to chop away a fine slither, exposing the bare metal, thus producing a two-toned effect.

The alloy wheels are then coated in lacquer and returned to the oven for one final cure.


In some cases, Eddies Wheel Repair can cut alloys twice or even three times. In reality, it all comes down to the strength and integrity of the wheel in question. Diamond cut specialists are best to advise how much your alloys can endure diamond cutting without jeopardising their structure.